January 2019 – #FirstTime – Dragon Fruit

I decided to try and do something new every month. Something I haven’t done before – a new experience, product, place to visit. This should make my life more interesting, helping to step out of my comfort zone by pushing myself, or just documenting and reflecting on new things that happened.

January 2019 – Trying Dragon Fruit for the #FirstTime.

I’ve seen pictures online, videos and raving about this fruit. I also passed by and took pictures at the grocery store quite a few times. And I finally decided to buy and see what is this thing about.
I have to confess – I did google following questions:
“How to pick Dragon Fruit”
“How to cut Dragon Fruit”

I have to say – I wasn’t impressed with the fruit. Texture is similar to kiwi, but it doesn’t have zest, or flavor to it. It was rather bland, plain.
But I was also told, that Dragon fruit sold in tropical countries are tasting much better.
I guess I will have to travel to some tropical destination to try that.

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