#The100DayProject – 2016

In 2015 I was drawing / painting all things associated with California. You can see my instagram posts here – #100DaysDrawingCalifornia and I will make a blog post with images soon
This year will be my second time participating in this project.
I’ve had lots an lots of thoughts, I created lists of things I can draw, paint, try …
Here are some ideas I considered:
  1. Shoes drawing
  2. Food drawing
  3. Taking pix of sky
  4. Writing postcards
  5. Collages
  6. Drawing cocktails
  7. New experiences
  8. Drawing cute houses
  9. Blogging
As you can see it ranged from drawing ones, and “people orientated” to some that will expand my boundaries as a person or artist.
In the end I’ve decided to concentrate on sharing my creative ideas and results online with #100DaysWebVisible
Here is why:
  •  I am already drawing and creating, especially for my #12ColorProject.  I am drawing every day, thinking of ideas, I also like trying new things and working on other side projects at this time. So I don’t have tome or energy to take on new medium or idea (as a full-time project) right now.
  • But i do have a need to start sharing my progress online. Too many times I would just create at home, in my safe bubble, show to my friends or family… and that’s it. I think it’s time to share the results of my creativity with the internet world and project is a best way to do it on the regular basis.

Lets Go! This is 001/100

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