Personal Photo Project and its Benefits – February 29, 2016

8 years ago, I started a photo tradition.
Every Leap Year, on February 29, I decided to take pictures of my day. Pictures of what i was doing, where i was, people, places, rooms, things, food.
It is actually really interesting to compare and see all the changes, analyze how I’ve changed, how my life evolved in between these February 29th’s.

Having this personal project made me realize how much value it brings to my life:

  • It give a sence of accomplishment. And maybe it’s a small one, but every positive feeling counts
  • It’s valuable for personal growth to set few categories, and compare how they changed in the past year-two-four. You will definitely see the trajectory more clear and realise if you are moving to the direction you want. And then you can correct it if you want! (yay!)
  • Self-directed projects give me something to blog about LOL. That’s right – I am writing this post.
  • I finally got back to creating and working with collage templates in Lightroom. That website on mine is soooo outdated – it needs to be completely redone.

Below are some pictures from February 29, 2016 and 2012 and 2008:


2-29-16-2 2-29-16-5





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