Choose – 2016 Word of the Year

2016 Word of the year

This year I selected word


I needed a word that will have some action and movement to it, but will not be too pushy and intimidating, too aggressive and harsh.
So this word came to mind.
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 in 2016
I CHOOSE to decide what i want to do and how I want to feel,
to whom I give my energy to,
to show up every day, be present and accept everything that Universe brings me
to expect good things
to believe that people I meet have good intentions
to give positive energy to the world around me.
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I am CHOOSING abundance
miracles (and sometimes making my own miracles)
taking matters to my hands
not waiting anymore for something I even slightly want
to stop feeling guilty
to do something about it
to listen to my instincts and pulls, and act on it
to engage
to disarm fear
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CHOOSE. Every day.

As an aid – to really live with this word in 2016, I signed up for online class from Ali Edwards – One Little Word.
Prompts form the class are helping me to be more deliberate, more “choosing” with my word. There are prompts and forum discussions that act as a reminder, they also prompts me to bring the word into daily practice and life. I’ve started a journal to document my journey of word CHOOSE this year. As months go by I will share the process and progress, realizations and lessons, surprises and observations.
I think it’s almost like a meditative practice to live with one word for a year, with intention.

What is your word for 2016?  
What are you focusing on this year?

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