1 Second Everyday app – What is it about?

In February of this year, I decided to download and install a new app on my phone – 1SE (#1SecondEveryday). I’ve seen few online friends and contacts using it and creating videos with 1-second snippets from their life\travel.

1 Second Everyday app

Facts about the 1SecondEveryday app:

  • it’s FREE!
  • the app is available for both iPhone and Android
  • you can record video with the native phone video app, then open 1SE app and select just one second of any video from that day.
  • you can also use a photo instead of video and the app will do some panning (you can trim and direct angle and direction of the pan)
  • when starting with the app – you can select either Timeline or Freestyle of the project. Timeline is great if you want the app to display the date on each of the videos
  • you can compile 1-second video clips starting with any day, and ending on any day. You can connect them to a week overview, or month or year overview videos.
  • [how the app was born] – creator Cesar Kuriyama was inspired by one of TED Talks, at the age 30 decided to take a year off work and created this app to record this 365-day-sabbatical, the app was created with the help of Kickstarter campaign. You can read the full story on the 1SE website. I can’t wait to see what’s next!
  • a lot of people (including me) are posting their video compilations on Instagram. You can see what others created by searching for #1secondeveryday, #1SE. You can follow project on their Instagram page @1_second_everyday and if you created video with their app, and ok if they share it – mark you IG videos with #1SEMe

As a handy way to document my life, I decided to start sharing my collections of 1-second videos that were created with this app. I will make it into a monthly feature. Month in review.

Here is what May 2016 looked like for me:


If you will start using this app, or had been using it for a while – share your videos! I Love to see what your daily life looks like!

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