June is for …

First month of summer.  I have so many plans, ideas and goals for this month.

  • On June 1 I started a #100DayChallenge. I selected goals and will try to achieve them in this 100 days. One of them is to update all my websites; second – to resume blogging regularly in English (here) and at my Russian blog. Some entries will be the same, others will be different; third goal is to exercise regularly, eat healthier and improve my physical shape/state
  • I am drawing Blue things this month for my #12ColorProject for the Year of Creative Habits class
  • June is a birthday month for my daughter
  • Also this year is the first time in 4 years that she (and me) will get an opportunity to relax and enjoy summer instead of being at the day camp all day every day. Yay for no FT job!
  • Yesterday 6/6/16 was a 13-year anniversary of my arrival to United States.
  • I want to visit newly reopened SFMoMA
  • FInish updating design on 2 websites
  • Photograph family photo-session
  • Go to the ocean
  • Sell my car – if you are in SF Bay Area and car shopping – I am selling 2011 Mazda 6 – email me at contact.halinav@gmail.com for details and pictures
  • See Mama Mia Musical (done 6/4)
  • Go to Yosemite
  • Blog regularly – at least one article a week on each blog
  • Record at least 1 video (did one 6/6)  and publish at least 2 on my YouTube channel.

What are your plans for June?

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