{ Movie Inspiration: “Samsara” }


Samsara is an incredible movie!

I was mesmerized for the whole duration of it. It doesn’t have dialogues, words, but it is sooo relaxing and moving at the same time. It’s a visual meditation. It shows places and people, makes connections between different topics – some unrelated, some on the same subject but from the different angle. This movie made me think about connections to things like food , work, factories, joy and meaning of things we do daily. Things we choose to do and how some of them are just a custom, just “because” we were raised certain way, or born in this country vs. another.

“Prepare yourself for an unparalleled sensory experience. Filmed over a period of almost five years and in twenty-five countries, SAMSARA explores the wonders of the world from sacred grounds to industrial sites, looking into the unfathomable reaches of man s spirituality and the human experience. Photographed entirely in 70mm and transferred to 4K digital projection format, SAMSARA s mesmerizing images of unprecedented clarity illuminate the links between humanity and the rest of nature, showing how our life cycle mirrors the rhythm of the planet. Neither a traditional documentary nor a travelogue, SAMSARA is a guided meditation on the current of interconnection that runs through all of our lives.”

It’s a great movie to add to the collection – something that can be watched over and over again.

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