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This year was the first time I participated full force in InCoWriMo = International Correspondence Writing Month.

I sent letters on different topics – some with the short bio, some with things about me. Few were more like a conversation with the friend –  describing my thoughts and inviting my penpal to think about analog vs. digital, what blogs they like, what is their favorite things to do, what would they like to learn or to try. Couple letters were more like journal entries.

I did set some “rules” or guidelines for myself:

InCoWriMo Review - Lessons, Ideas, Thoughts

  • to every penpal I’ve sent a typed message \ quote that I’ve prepared on February 1 (typed with my real typewriter on index cards)
  • to English-speaking penpals I’ve sent a small inspirational card
  • if the letter was going out of the country (to Australia, France, Russia, Belarus, Canada, Belgium) – I’ve included a postcard with San Francisco views

InCoWriMo Review - Lessons, Ideas, Thoughts | Creativity Maven

InCoWriMo Review - Lessons, Ideas, Thoughts | Creativity Maven


What I would do differently:
  • decorate each envelope more carefully. I ended up using all my creative muscles to writing letters instead of creative envelope creation
  • sit down and write a letter if not every day – every other day instead of once-twice a week (yes, I “broke” the rules, I know we suppose to write a letter every day). Yes, it’s better “done” than perfect, but evenly spreading letter writing activity will help me build a creative habit of letter writing.
  • take pictures of each outgoing and incoming letter, tag a person on Instagram (or other social media). Some of my recipients did take pictures and posted them tagging me on Instagram, Twitter, and it was such a joy to see that they like it, what they thought of it.
  • include more of my own art, drawings, small paintings. People seem to like these small personal touches

InCoWriMo Review - Lessons, Ideas, Thoughts | Creativity Maven

InCoWriMo Review - Lessons, Ideas, Thoughts | Creativity Maven

Useful ideas, thoughts:
  • finding people to write to using a #incowrimo hashtag on Instagram
  • mixing a list of penpals with people I know in person that I see fairly regularly, people whom I haven’t seen for a while, people whom I “know” because of the internet, and people whom I don’t know at all. And all the different countries and continents. FUN!
  • making a list of all the people I want or promised to write to (+ their addresses) in my journal (planner, or using a printable template), and checking it off when the letter was done. This helps with keeping a track of all outgoing mail.
  • having a list of topics to write about would be useful. I did ended up using some journaling topic ideas for may letters.

Have you participated in InCoWriMo this year? What are your thoughts?

If you would like to get a letter or a postcard from me – send me a note

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