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8 years ago, I started a photo tradition.
Every Leap Year, on February 29, I decided to take pictures of my day. Pictures of what i was doing, where i was, people, places, rooms, things, food.
It is actually really interesting to compare and see all the changes, analyze how I’ve changed, how my life evolved in between these February 29th’s.

Having this personal project made me realize how much value it brings to my life:

  • It give a sence of accomplishment.

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2016 Word of the year

This year I selected word


I needed a word that will have some action and movement to it, but will not be too pushy and intimidating, too aggressive and harsh.
So this word came to mind.
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 in 2016
I CHOOSE to decide what i want to do and how I want to feel,
to whom I give my energy to,
to show up every day,
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