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August was full of work and 5am wake-ups,  traveling, get-togethers with people and enjoying San Francisco:

August 2018 highlights:

❇️Visited Victoria, Canada 🇨🇦
❇️few A’s baseball games #oaklandathletics
❇️weekend in Tahoe
❇️staff appreciation week at work
❇️visiting SF touristic places on my lunch break
❇️   happy hour with a friend
❇️lunches with coworkers
❇️ taekwondo classes and events for my daughter

What a great month full of memories!

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With all the things happening in real life (not online), I am behind on posting my results with 1 Second Everyday monthly. So here we go – my April.

Highlights of April:

❇ Easter with family
❇A trip to Reno, NV with my daughter – we had girl fun – glad that Circus Circus has so many games for kids to enjoy
❇ Snow on mountain tops
❇ Celebrating friends birthday
❇ Shopping
❇ Crafting
❇ Watching the rain
❇ Taking my first Urban Sketchers class10x10urbansketchers
❇ Watching hummingbirds
❇ Visiting the Color Factory in San Francisco 
❇ Studying
❇ Drawing with markers
❇ Visiting art show in SF

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My March 2018 in 1 second everyday.

It was a month of family activity and connection, new stationery, drawing, blogging again because I am taking a blogging class with Russian experts (and they are so cool!), meeting with a friend for a couple happy hours in Oakland, changing weather,  new pens, new family car, experiencing Design School class at Stanford’s with my daughter,

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Drawing, painting, playing with jewelry design, visiting Mt. Diablo, Six Flags, Lake Elizabeth in Freemont, feeding girafee, first autumn colors, Halloween shopping, martial arts class for my daughter and tennis lessons for me
Fun September 2016!

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