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Plans for this September:

  • publish blog post 3 times a week
  • go to Hot Air Baloon Race
  • paint at least once a week
  • draw with markers at least once a week
  • finish travel sketchbook from cruise to Alaska
  • read/finish 4 books
  • visit a new hiking trail
  • start on the 4-Hour-Body diet \ weight loss
  • be ready for presents from the Universe

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Quite a few websites, courses, couches and books mention that to make you feel happy – you need to do things that make you happy. I decided to make a list (I Love lists!) of 85 things that I like.

Some of them make me feel good, others are my passions, hobby, interest or just a fascination.

Things I like | Creativity Maven

I am:

  • collecting some of my favorite things (#19 –

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First month of summer.  I have so many plans, ideas and goals for this month.

  • On June 1 I started a #100DayChallenge. I selected goals and will try to achieve them in this 100 days. One of them is to update all my websites; second – to resume blogging regularly in English (here) and at my Russian blog. Some entries will be the same, others will be different; third goal is to exercise regularly,

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