Quite a few websites, courses, couches and books mention that to make you feel happy – you need to do things that make you happy. I decided to make a list (I Love lists!) of 85 things that I like.

Some of them make me feel good, others are my passions, hobby, interest or just a fascination.

Things I like | Creativity Maven

I am:

  • collecting some of my favorite things (#19 – cameras, #62 – keys, #66 – fairies, #6 – fountain pens),
  • planning to build a collection of others (#5 – Wes Anderson movies, #40 – Nick Bantock books),
  • would love to experience more of  #22 – Getting mail (letters from people, not bills), #30 – Road Trips,
  • and hopefully, one day have I will have #50 – Danial Merriam original painting.

I think I will keep this list up and growing, updating every few months.

85 things I like (in no particular order):

  1. Leather – smell, look, how it feels when I touch it
  2. Notebooks
  3. Watercolors
  4. Sketching
  5. Wes Anderson movies
  6. Fountain pens
  7. Technology
  8. Stationery
  9. Grapefruit juice
  10. Wine. Red wine. Cabernet Sauvignon
    Things I like | Red wine | Creativity Maven
  11. Books – especially art tutorial books, unusual books – Codex Seraphinius, Atlas Obscura
  12. Plain or grid paper (no lines!!!!!)
  13. Maps
  14. Planners
  15. Hugs and snuggles with my family
    Things I like | Hugs | Creativity Maven
  16. Making someone happy, making someone wish come true – seeing the delight on their face
  17. Turquoise color
  18. White color
    Things I like |White color | Creativity Maven
  19. Cameras
    Things I like | Cameras | Creativity Maven
  20. Typewriters
    Things I like | Typewriters | Creativity Maven
  21. Mail art
  22. Getting mail
  23. Go for a walk early in the morning
  24. The smell of campfire
  25. Art supply stores
    Things I like | Art Supply Stores | Creativity Maven
  26. Office supply stores
  27. Swimming in warm water (ocean, pool) – when it’s calm, serene and quiet
    Things I like | Swimming | Creativity Maven
  28. Walking in new places (streets, cities, neighborhood)
  29. California
    Things I like | California | Creativity Maven
  30. Road trips
  31. Making lists
  32. Interesting dreams, something unusual
  33. Flying in my dreams
  34. Looking at the fire
  35. Warm light (sunset, lamp, campfire)
  36. Driving on Highway 1, seeing the Pacific Ocean
    Things I like | California driving | Creativity Maven
  37. Interesting, unusual interior design – especially when it is using “warm” materials like leather or wood, or soft textile
  38. Spending half an hour – hour in the morning in silence by myself uninterrupted
  39. Brain puzzles
  40. Books and artwork of Nick Bantock
    Things I like | Nick Bantock | Creativity Maven
  41. Smoked meats
  42. Stars
  43. Warm rain
  44. Kebab
    Things I like | Kebab | Creativity Maven
  45. Smoked salmon
  46. Living in San Francisco Bay Area and enjoying weather, nature, and possibilities

    Things I like | San Francisco | Creativity Maven
    Things I like | San Francisco | Creativity Maven
  47. Reflections (in windows, puddles, glasses)
    Things I like | Reflections | Creativity Maven
  48. The smell of freshly cut grass
  49. The smell of spring, fresh air, air after the rain
  50. Daniel Merriam‘s art
  51. Read and pour over blogs that feature art-journals, sketchbooks, planners, notebooks, different handwriting
  52. Silence
  53. VIsit bookstore by myself, get a big pile of books + magazines, drink coffee, read page by page and don’t rush
  54. Truffles (candy)
  55. Champagne
  56. Take a bath. With the view (Las Vegas @Cosmopolitan hotel, mountains, hills, beautiful nature)
  57. New Experiences (trapeze, zip lining, new places, strange food)
  58. Interesting people who achieved or experienced something, or are full of original ideas and enthusiasm
  59. Oceanside – smell, view and the sound of waves
  60. Peonies – smell and the flower itself
  61. Colors
  62. Keys – especially old keys
    Things I like | Keys | Creativity Maven
  63. Lilac
  64. Lilly of the Valley
  65. Tarot and Oracle cards
  66. Fairies
  67. Corsets
  68. PanAm
  69. Flying, taking a plane somewhere
    Things I like | Flying | Creativity Maven
  70. Learning, discovering something new
  71. Strawberries
  72. Traveling on the train
  73. Collages, mood board, and vision boards
    Things I like | Collages | Creativity Maven
  74. Horses
    Things I like | Horses | Creativity Maven
  75. Giraffes
  76. Dusty rose color
  77. Betsy Johnson purses
  78. Creativity books \ courses \ apps
  79. Miniatures
    Things I like | Miniatures | Creativity Maven
  80. Antique Fairs
  81. Light reflections on the water
    Things I like | Light reflections on the water | Creativity Maven
  82. Lighthouses
    Things I like | Lighthouse | Creativity Maven
  83. Dolphins
  84. Washi tape
  85. Sunset next to water (ocean) or on top of the hill \ mountain
    Things I like | Sunset next to the water | Creativity Maven

Please share what you like/love! It is so inspiring!