With all the things happening in real life (not online), I am behind on posting my results with 1 Second Everyday monthly. So here we go – my April.

Highlights of April:

❇ Easter with family
❇A trip to Reno, NV with my daughter – we had girl fun – glad that Circus Circus has so many games for kids to enjoy
❇ Snow on mountain tops
❇ Celebrating friends birthday
❇ Shopping
❇ Crafting
❇ Watching the rain
❇ Taking my first Urban Sketchers class 10x10urbansketchers
❇ Watching hummingbirds
❇ Visiting the Color Factory in San Francisco 
❇ Studying
❇ Drawing with markers
❇ Visiting art show in SF

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My March 2018 in 1 second everyday.

It was a month of family activity and connection, new stationery, drawing, blogging again because I am taking a blogging class with Russian experts (and they are so cool!), meeting with a friend for a couple happy hours in Oakland, changing weather,  new pens, new family car, experiencing Design School class at Stanford’s d.school with my daughter, walking and hiking,

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